How to make your own RPG/Level up games in/on Roblox [Basic]

Advanced RPG StarterKit: Classic RPG StarterKit link: Like my tutorials? Please visit my place so i can get tix, and so for you to donate 1 tix to me 😀 XD : Free Admin Commands Script: Also donate here to 😀 Advance Starter Kit Manul/Instruction: Read Instructions or do this, un group the model first which is the RPG starter kit then click on the AI Monsters click on the Follow script inside the AI Monster then find the distance thingy there then change its max distance to 10 or up for the monsters to follow players when contact, next see the drop thingy inside the monster? Is should say (“Apple”) Change it to what kind of Items the monster would drop if he dies, also after changing the Apple into something new you must make a new tool that is the same name you’ve renamed in the Apple then put the Item in the lightning, it should work. Next making your own Shop, read Instructions or scroll down then you can see the findFirstChild(“Sword Name Here”) Change it to what kind of sword the player can buy when touching that button also read some Instructions inside the Script that I’ve putted for you to not get confused and change also the numbers there, the numbers is how much the player needs for him to buy it, same as in the sell button thingy, remember to read most of the Instructions, making your own armor, click on the Head there then click on the stat gave, then you can see inside the scripts is
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