How do I make a movie marquee?

Question by Joe: How do I make a movie marquee?
I want to make two movie theater marquee’s(movie poster ones) and one marquee Sign for my living room. I have searched on the internet for ones to buy. The ones I like are too expensive. Im thinking I would rather make them but I don’t have the tools and im not sure about how good I am at working with wood. I am also having trouble trying to find where I can have a plexiglas sign made for parts of the sign and the movie poster holders. So any suggestions will help. Thank you.

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Answer by Da_Beers
I worked at a movie theater for about 4 years. While there I collected posters and have since framed a few. Just to get something clear the Marquis at our theater referred to the small name outside the auditorium in which the movie was playing this is generally about a 5″by20″ (rough estimate).
For the posters I have bought at Walmart a $ 20 picture frame, I believe it is a 27″x15″. The most expensive frame I bought was at a Craft Store for about $ 50. Again a 27″x?? frame.
As far as getting the poster or marquis go to your local theater and ask the manager politely about getting a poster. They might be able to help you out.

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