How Copyright Act affect us! What do you think?

Question by Hyur: How Copyright Act affect us! What do you think?
I think this should be worldwide!

MONTREAL – The Conservative government tabled a bill Wednesday aimed at updating Canada’s Copyright Act.

It would affect a number of everyday activities related to digital material, including music, movies, and video games. If the bill passes through Parliament, here’s what would be legal — and what would be illegal.

What’s illegal:

—Breaking digital locks: Perhaps the most important element of the new bill is that it would make it illegal to break a digital lock. In other words, you could no longer download a program to get a DVD bought in Europe to work in Canada. Individuals also could not create, import or sell devices or software that breaks digital locks. The penalty for individuals would range from $ 100 to $ 5,000.

—Enabling copyright infringement: This provision would help target pirating sites, such as torrent trackers. When informed by a copyright owner that someone is illegally downloading material, an Internet service provider would now be required to forward a notice to their customer and keep a record of that correspondence for use in any future court case.

—Having more than one backup copy of a song or movie: You can back up a copy of a legally acquired song, but can’t have more than one copy. It could therefore be illegal to copy a series of songs onto a USB key and share them with a friend. The possible penalty is $ 100 to $ 5,000.

—Downloading copyrighted music without paying: Nothing new in this regard; using Limewire to get the latest Lady Gaga song is, and will continue to be, illegal.

What’s allowed:

—Recording TV shows or podcasts. Using such devices as PVRs falls under a grey area in the past law. Consumers would now officially be allowed to “time shift,” in other words record material for later use.

—Copying a song from your hard drive to an MP3 player. The proposed law allows for what’s called “format shifting” of legally acquired material. For example, you’re allowed to transfer a legally downloaded song onto a portable listening device.

—Creating a mash-up: Creators are allowed to take existing copyrighted material, edit it, and create new material. Think of Youtube videos that slice together scenes from different movies. However, the proposed law sets out several important exceptions, including that mash-ups be done for non-commercial purposes and not harm the reputation of the original artist.

—Unlocking cellphones to change providers: Though the bill is extremely tough on breaking digital locks, the one notable exception is cellphones. Users would be able to unlock their cellphones as long they respect their existing contract.

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