Hobbit Preview Footage, MIT’s Version of Tetris – 04.25.12

First up, movie theater owners and a few lucky bloggers recently got to see ten minutes of footage from Peter Jackson’s upcoming Hobbit adaptation at this year’s CinemaCon in Vegas. The convention was an opportunity for Jackson to push his new 48 frame-per-second shots on theater owners, who would have to upgrade their projectors to screen the new Hobbit film. Jackson and fellow fantasy filmmaker James Cameron have been touting the new frame rate for several months. The only problem – the preview footage received some pretty mixed reviews. While many sweeping landscape shots were praised, all the performance footage was quickly condemned as having completely lost the cinematic feel. Will this new technology make or break the Hobbit? www.slashfilm.com Next up, a team of MIT students recently pulled off the “holy grail of hacks” by turning their school’s 21-story Green building into a Tetris game. The fully functioning, colorful prank allowed a player to move, rotate and drop iconic Tetris pieces from a controller at ground level. This isn’t the first time a group of bright engineers have brought Tetris to life. Back in 2000, a team of Brown students pulled off a similar feat. You have to admire the ingenuity and skill that go into making something like this possible but we simply can’t ignore just how bad at Tetris the guy playing is. Seriously, that could’ve been a line. That could’ve been a line. And to the guys pulling all-nighters in the middle offices, would you
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