Good DVD/movie creating and burning software?

Question by a very puzzled person: Good DVD/movie creating and burning software?
I am somewhat of an amateur filmmaker and I just got a computer with a DVD burner drive and I was wondering. What is a good software, preferably free, that I can download that would allow me to make movies and burn them to dvds?
If I burn the movie to a dvd using the program(s) the you suggest, can the dvd be played in a normal dvd player like on a tv?

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Answer by Kaitlyn
if you have a PC…

click Start. And Start Search. Type in “Windows Movie Maker”.

You can add music and movie clips and files. Its not great. But its FREE! 🙂

you probably have it on your computer and didnt even know it.

if you own a mac, i heard Final Cut 7 is good.

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