Gabe Newell Interview 5/2/11

This interview is from May 2nd, 2011. Hello, I am a senior High School student who was given the chance to interview Gabe Newell of Valve Software. Enjoy. Here is the list of questions I asked (not always in order): 1. What is Valve up to these days? 1:16 2. With the addition of STEAM to the PSN is Valve planning on shifting development focus to consoles or are you going to remain developing games primarily for the PC? 1:39 3. How does Valve plan on differentiating the game from the very popular “League of Legends”? 2:42 4. How does micro transactions affect the future of Valve’s business model? 3:45 5. Do you still plan on making single player games? (dispelling a rumor) 11:15 6. Do you ever get a chance to play games for fun anymore? If so, what games are you playing? 12:35 7. Do you plan on deviating from SOURCE or do you plan on indefinitely updating the current engine? 14:43 8. What games in the last decade do you believe have improved the gaming industry? 17:09 9. Will Chell from Portal and Gordon Freeman from HL be meeting? 21:27 10. Why are some of your most famous protagonists silent? How do you feel this affects the games as a whole? 23:42 11. What advice would you give to somebody aspiring to get into the gaming industry? 32:49 12. I read that you collect knives. How many knives do you own? What do you like about them? 28:56 13. What was your favorite game to work on? 25:05

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