Final Expense Sales Presentation Part 1 – Part 1 of Final Expense Sale Training. This video shows you everything you will need to have in your briefcase before you leave your office or your house to sell Final Expense Life Insurance. Visit to watch videos 2 – 4.

Plugins for Second Life, free and open source here get the notecard from me in world –RadarChat.dll [Included in PubComb, no need to load] Adds api support to MEGA boost your radar to be the best in SL!!. No probes, no lag, instant response and updates. Your radar will need to be able to support the chat messages it sends with the keys of everyone in the sim. Scans and updated 2Billion meters instantly. Here is the api. Client will send messages with all av keys, [sessionIdentifier (always incrementing)][number of keys this session][uuid1][uuid2]…[uuidN-1][uuidN] ;seperated by a delimiter of your choice. It might be multiple messages if the first one needs to be too long. It will send these chats every time the avartars in the sim changes (someone leaves or enters) and also forced if you llTriggerSound(“76c78607-93f9-f55a-5238-e19b1a181389”,1); –RadarChat Enhancement! [Included in PubComb, no need to load] For land owners looking for a way to quikly get a full list of all avatars in your sim, and qucikly ban them, i have made an extensive gui for this. If you would like help making your radar support this extra information, here is an example script, and even a full radar that I made open source! (just attach, amke your plugin speak on -90, and press the rainbow button). Any improvements are welcome if you are a lsl scripter with some extra time!, Also, Hen Streeter has already made his multi gadget support this! So if you want the fastest multi tool
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