end of blame

Renegade Films first Short. A mob hitman is ordered to be killed by his boss because he is suspected to be talking to the feds. Now he must fight back to clear his name and protect himself. I hope you enjoy this film and if you would like to see more films made by Renegade Films and assist us in developing our new projects than there is a way you can help. We are currently selling copies of screenplays from our company to help raise money to make our next movie. If you are interested please send and a message through paypal giving me your e-mail address and we will send you a copy of the script via e-mail. In that way you would become an unofficial insider for our next project. Here is the paypal address if you are intersted: damiousrane@yahoo.com It’s alright if you send direct e-mails to us I (the Director) would be glad to e-mail you back. Thanks for watching!

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