Daniel Radcliffe Talks Harry Potter Behind-the-Scenes

Twitter.com – Follow Us! Get some Harry Potter behind-the-scenes info straight from the cast – keep watching! Welcome to another episode of Clevver TV. I’m Dana Ward here to tell you about the Deathly Hallows movie making details. Film star Daniel Radcliffe spoke out about life on the set. He said QUOTE, Its chaos and its fear and were terrified were not going to get it right, and its absolute madness with rewrites and script changes and scripts not being written and then coming. Its just mad. So apparently the entire crew feels the need to really please Harry Potter fans, who have helped support the franchise earn more than 1.7-billion-dollars over the years. Remember this is the last shoot that will ultimately create the final Deathly Hallows story – part one and part two – and the ending of this popular Harry Potter series is important as it marks the end of a legacy. But fans shouldn’t get too worried about the on-set chaos because Radcliffe also mentioned that “chaos bears something so cool and great and polished out into the world.” Again, we link the set craziness to the production’s desire to “do it right”, because it seems everything else has stayed similar to previous film shoots. Castmate Bonnie Wright – that’s Ginny Weasley – commented on how amazing it’s been to work with the same set of actors throughout the entire Potter series, calling it a “safeness” when you come back to film another installment, even comparing it to heading back to school. That was the

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