Can’t save an mswmm to computer as wmv or avi…or anything!?

Question by IamLemaster: Can’t save an mswmm to computer as wmv or avi…or anything!?
I’m making a video in movie maker for windows xp. I know it saves it as mswmm as a project file for movie maker itself. Of course, Youtube doesn’t accept that. So when I click on the various links leading to save to my computer I choose the location as my desktop, call it pwb-001 and wait for 13-8 minutes. As the countdown reaches 100 or so seconds, the process is canceled and replaced with a message saying
“Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available, and then try again.”
Last time I checked, my files were still in the original folders (all wmv except the wma files), my desktop still exists, and 63.83 MB is much smaller than 16.86 GB.
I’ve been working on this movie for nearly a month, remaking it again and again just to save it. My converter can’t convert it of course, and no forum has my specific problem.
How do I save a project that apparently doesn’t exist? I just want this up and running asap, so any help is greatly appreciated.

p.s. I tried a completely different wmv movie of about 10 seconds, no sound, same problems occured.
Thank you for the link to the converter, but mine can already do most of that. I’m using Quick Media Converter by the way. I have tried that method so many times and it always wound up in failure.
I’m sorry, I meant that I’ve tried both methods so many times and got no results.
I don’t need a converter. I need to kow why I can’t save these files to my pc. I know mswmm files are not true media files or whatever. Thank you for the suggestions on converters, but it’s not helping me. Again, I need to know why I can’t save these files to my pc, converters are useless to me.

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Answer by 93dt
Are you exporting the movie or saving it via the File > Save method! You cant play a MSWMM file! Instead you need to convert it to wmv!

Follow these instructions

1. File
2. Save movie file
3. Select MY COMPUTER then NEXT
4. Enter a name for the movie and then select DESKTOP in the location
5. Click Next
6. Select “best quality for my computer” and click Next

The Movie will convert and save as an WMV so you can upload it to you tube, ect.

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