Brute Force Let’s play – Meet Tex, The Bezerker #1 (CadcSA) + TGN.TV

youtube channel: Facebook: Carlo Di Donna skype Name: cadcsa1 Steam: ———- Long Overdue Game Request By FriezaReturns, this game (along with Far cry instincts and a demo disk) were donated to me for This Lets Play request, Thankyou for taking the time to ship them over to me, I’ll make it worth your wait =) anyways I’m also making this Lets Play my first LP submition to the Yeousch Gaming Network as my last ditch attempt to become a partnered channel.. should I fail, I probably won’t be able to record anymore now that school is back in session because of my parents… (unless I receive donations, or get Sponsored again) Anyways, My Birthday is This August 19th, Please make my day 😀 ————- Produced by Digital Anvil and Licensed by Microsoft, Brute Force is a very fun game, It has a Pre Halo Feel, embarking in alien planets, completing assigned missions from your captain, as you move along, you will find other agents: Brutus, Hawk and Flint, each with their own specialties and unique abilities. In this First Mission, We take the Role of Tex, who is set out to find out what the Red Hand conspirators are up to

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