Best camera for making youtube movies?

Question by The Incredible Sulk: Best camera for making youtube movies?
Hey, i am looking for a great quality camera on a student budget. I am from the UK and am a big fan of anything produced by Sony. I saw that the casio cameras have some special features geared towards uploading to youtube but meh, it’s easy enough to do that anyway regardless of what camera is used.

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Answer by Elvis
All of the major brands are good. Choose a brand that appeals to you. Then you have to think about getting a spare battery, what size memory card, if you want an extended warranty, how much you can afford, what size zoom, if you want manual controls, the size of the camera, finding a reliable place to purchase it, and the list goes on and on and on…….

The first thing to realize is that almost any digital camera will take good pictures. If more people would read the manual more than once, they would be able to take better pictures. Usually, the person assumes it is the camera when it could be them not knowing exactly what to do. Just give yourself more photographic knowledge by doing more reading on the internet.

I really believe buying a camera is an individual choice.
The person needs to read alot of reviews on cameras so they can decide on the features that they really want and need.
Go to the store and hold them so you can see if they feel comfortable in your hands. If possible, take some pictures in the store to check the quality of the pictures.
I can only give a suggestion of what to look for in a new digital camera.
Good Luck

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go to this link for help

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