anyone know anything about “spec scrips”?

Question by : anyone know anything about “spec scrips”?
Ive been writing a spec scrip for about 2 months now but i have a few questions about selling it.

Where do you send it to when you go to sell it?
How much does a spec script usually sell for, for an indie movie, low budget movie, and big budget movie.

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Answer by RunningBear
Wow, big question.

Have you written a logline for it? You must have a logline – it’s your most important marketing tool.

Short answer – there are lots of production companies out there making movies. Try them all! Start with the ones that have made movies in the same genre and for the same kind of budget as yours. ImdbPro is good for doing that kind of research, and will also give companies’ contact details.

You can send out a ‘query letter’ (or email) to production companies asking if they’d like to read your script. If you’re in LA (or able to visit) you may be able to book a meeting with a producer to ‘pitch’ him your script. You can sometimes buy or win meetings like this too. There are a bunch of services that can help, by posting your logline for prodcos to browse, or by telling you what prodcos are looking for week-by-week. Look here:

Have you written any more scripts? You must. Three reasons:
1) Your first ever script will be rubbish. You don’t believe me now, but look back at it in a year and you’ll see.
2) The average screenwriter writes 9 scripts before he sells anything.
3) A ‘spec’ script is, by definition, a sample of your writing talents. I’m not saying you won’t be able to sell it, but it is relatively rare – most scripts are written on commision these days. A spec script is a way to get a writing job, or to have someone ask “what else have you got”? You don’t want to be asked that question and have nothing!

As for money, it’s impossible to give a guide. Scripts have sold (optioned) for as little as $ 1 (seriously!) and as much as several million.

If you’re serious about this game, I recommend you join or and get involved with the scriptwriting communities there. There are people there who have far more experience in submitting work than me and I’m sure you’d get loads of great advice. Also try where you can get your screenplay critiqued and critique others.

Good luck!

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