Amid gloom, Detroit glistens as Hollywood locale

Amid gloom, Detroit glistens as Hollywood locale
An unmarked Detroit police car makes a screeching stop outside a downtown bus terminal and the homicide detective dashes out to search for a suspect.
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Hollywood looks to preserve its natural back lot: California state parks
Along with the sunny weather and world-class crews, California offers something else that is sought by filmmakers: an abundance of state parks with diverse landscapes, from the redwood forests in Northern California to the desert of Anza-Borrego and the vast…
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‘Buried’ And Alfred Hitchcock: An Expert’s Perspective
If you’d like to boil it down to its simplest form, “Buried” — opening in a limited release this Friday and going wide on October 8 — is a movie that features actor Ryan Reynolds in a box. Which is, coincidentally, precisely how I like my Ryan Reynolds served up (preferably with a bow on […]
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‘Ender’s Game’ Finally Coming To The Screen?
Now Gavin Hood is supposed to direct the film, but don’t hold your breath though. No really, don’t.

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