Advantages of Recording Your Scripts for Self Hypnosis

Advantages of Recording Your Scripts for Self Hypnosis

Performing self hypnosis can be very challenging and frustrating for someone who’s first starting out and learning how to use it on their own. This is why it helps for beginners to have a reliable tool to help assist them during their introduction to the wonderful world of hypnosis. Call it training wheels for self hypnosis if you will.

Fortunately there’s an excellent tool on the market for this purpose. This useful tool is best known as scripts and they are widely and instantly available. Hypnosis scripts can be found in any form of resource from downloadable audios to electronic books.

Scripts are not only designed to help beginners. They’re also used extensively by professional hypnotherapist and everybody else in between as well. Self hypnosis scripts act as guides for people of all skill levels to have a productive hypnosis experience.

If you’re looking to try self hypnosis for the first time or you’re an old hand searching for new ways to improve your skills here are a list of advantages for recording your scripts for hypnosis.

First of all, recording your script will generally guide you throughout the whole process. It prevents you from getting lost and leads you through every single phase until the end.
Being able to record your script will make all things run easy and smoothly for you.
By recording your script, there’s no need to worry about reading and memorizing the whole script. Recording it makes it much easier to completely allow yourself to fall in a trance and focus more on your goals.
You can keep your script for future use. There’s no need to recreate or edit the same script all over again. You just need to find the audio and hit play and then perform self hypnosis for yourself. You can even share the script with your loved ones and friends.
You don’t have to visit a clinical hypnotherapist. You have everything at hand to have a successful hypnosis experience without the guide of a hypnotist.
Recording your scripts will save you time, effort, money and other valuable resources.

Having to record your script allows you to do self hypnosis at any time of the day. Whenever a stressful situation or a problem arises, you can always find a comfortable and quiet place to do self hypnosis.

Searching for an appropriate script to use may require some browsing. Always keep in mind that the script that you’ll be using should always match and meet your purpose and goals. Make sure that your script includes induction statements, deepening, subject or suggestions, and the awakening script.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate script for you, you can make slight editing to further personalize the script to make the process more targeted and fruitful.

When you’ve edited the script you are about to use, you are set to record it in an audio format. Make sure to put your script in a second persona to make it look like there’s a hypnotherapist guiding you throughout the hypnosis process.

Recording your own self hypnosis scripts can make your hypnosis experience a huge success. It will positively force your subconscious mind to store all the autosuggestions you create with your script and from that help you make all your desired life changes come true.

Cliff Yvon is a self hypnotist enthusiast who loves to share valuable information about scripts for hypnosis to others. He encourages people to try self hypnosis to help them change and improve their lives. You can learn more about self hypnosis by visiting him online at

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