Q&A: Can you make a dull JPEG image of a movie poster more colorful and saturated?

Question by L: Can you make a dull JPEG image of a movie poster more colorful and saturated?
Like could I take my favorite movie posters images I find on the web and make them very glossy or more colorful.They seem sort of dull.

I would just want them like 14″x 8″ not the big movie posters.

What software should I use ?

What type of printer would be best ?

How do you add Gloss to the paper ?Is there a special paper ?

Is it expensive ?
Is there a printer or software that would bring out the colors automatically ?Make it more vibrant and saturated.

Like it would detect each seperate color and bring it back to life.

Best answer:

Answer by Puppy Zwolle
Sure. Almost any photo-shop type software has that option. Usually under ‘color’ you can adjust the saturation. Just ad a few points though you also may want to make it a bit lighter as well. The setting is almost automatic or you can use the option to adjust any color separately. It is simply shifting some sliders until you have the color you want.

Most modern printers have a photo setting. You can buy glossy photo paper and print with regular ink. The result is just like any photograph.
It guzzles ink and the paper is not cheap. You need to buy 10 sheets (or more) and can expect to at least misprint once. I would recommend using a local (on-line) printer service for that. You can expect it to be cheaper and easier on your nerves. I have a photo printer but only occasionally use it, when I’m in a hurry to have a print.

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