Desk Railway Chronicles – Episode 1

Top Hatt has been doing quite a bit of spending as of late. Surely nothing bad can result from this… —- Thank god it’s over. Over a year since the official announcement (and exactly a year since animation began), over 2 years since the release of Trouble With Trains 3, and roughly 4 years since the debut of The Desk Railway, and the first episode of a brand new series begins. You’d better enjoy it. Why did it take so long? Because I’ve had to completely redo how I make my videos. A new computer means I’m unable to use my old software, and in the bid to up quality I’ve started using a DV camera and a higher framerate. The animation process took several months, and editing took even longer – largely due to how dull adding new expressions is. I’ve scrapped that element, because otherwise it wouldn’t be done for another 5 years. Enough writing about the dull task of making this. Enjoy the video! The content of this video is copyright © Matthew Lindsay and TurboJ Productions 2009 – 2010. Do not use without permission.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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